Thursday, 9 December 2010

Best of Street Style: It's All In The Details

- The Celine Box Bag -

- Gold Buttons & Leather Belt -

- Skirts to Sashay Down the Street In -

- All Hues of Greens and Blues -

- Shoes of Our Fantasies -

Street style blogs feature not only outfits of great taste, but details of great taste too. After saving so many images to my computer, I wanted to share my favourites with you. The feathered skirt, the navy tux, the aquamarine shaded patterns; these details are what distinguishes designer from the high street. As for the Celine Box bag - who else would kill for one of those ?

Images from: thesartorialist, stockholmstreetstyle, jakandjil.


Penny Dreadful said...

Wow, those horse shoes are something else!

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

ahh too much fabulousness. love it all. street style is so fun to look at
Scrapbook de la Emma

Nikki said...

I adore these pics! so inspirational!


Casey said...

Very inspirational pics. The dragon shoes are by far my fav though! :)


Tszuji Shoe Storage said...

I love love love the shoes in the Skirts to sashay down the street pic!

Marella said...

Very inspiring!

Catita said...

Absolutely gorgeous, how inspirational and those animal sandals are so cool!

Anonymous said...

I love that outfit with the purple feathered stylishly ravishing and it has pockets! Adore!

Paulina said...

All of the photos you picked out are my favs too!

Mila said...

Ooooh everything looks so so so beautiful!

menina elegante said...

Gorgeous photos!! I love them! Stunning inspiration. :)

Yuliya xoxo. said...

Great pictures !

Thekla said...

love street style!! check it out:) i have a giveaway see details through my blog!x