Saturday, 4 December 2010

Elements of Winter

- Leaves rimmed in frost -

- The First Snowfall of the Season -

- Chunky Knits to Keep You Toasty -

-Luxurious Hot Chocolate -

- A Roaring Fire -

What are your favourite things about this season?

Images from: iheartit


styleforlife said...

Incredible photos...very every one of them. So perfect. :-)
Keep toasty warm! xx Emily

Catita said...

wow that hot chocolate is amazing!

ching said...

wow that roaring fire is roaring!!! xD

minnja said...

So stunning !!!


Penny Dreadful said...

That is an IMMENSE hot chocolate!

Anonymous said...

I certainly love the snow in Winter and wearing cosy knits, wrapping up in blankets infront of a fire with a hot chocolate.

Becky Regina said...

Beautiful photos , love them :)

MissLiv said...

Ah, this made me long for Christmas in England!!

I only had one Christmas there, but it was exactly as I imagined, and as movies and cartoons portrayed it when growing up!

But, in Australia, it's slightly warmer haha. So I would have to say my favourite part of a summer Christmas is Boxing Day at the beach, and the a music festival the same day.

Danielle said...

We JUST had our first snowfall last night. I love it!

Styles 'n Cream said...

Beautiful photos .. there is something so magical about white winter outside and roaring fire in the house ... and the toasty hot chocolate to top it all off.

SMASH said...

that hot chocolate is out of control. It looks delicious!

p.s. following back :)


Anonymous said...

That hot chocolate looks so yummy!!!


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

that hot chocolate looks so so good! And I love chunky knits also! I cant wait for our first real snowfall. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Becky Regina said...

The fashion ! With the sweaters and coats :D

Style_Pursuit said...

Everything about this season is just perfect, so it's impossible to pick just one thing! :o)
Cute pictures!


Style_Pursuit said...
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Martina said...

That hoy chocolate looks delicious!I want one :)

DeVero said...

I love these pictures, makes me take some of the winter also ;)