Tuesday, 22 February 2011

En France

Currently I'm staying in a cottage close to Paris. I thought I'd share one of my all time favourite photographs of this beautiful city, taken by Robert Doisneau.

Congratulations to Miriam from chocandcinnamon, the winner of my shopalike.co.uk giveaway.

Image via : flikr


blorange dice said...

aww, that is a sweet picture (: thanks for sharing. a cottage near paris sounds amazing!!

Nikki said...

this picture is so cute :) I am going to France this summer with my parents... if they would finally decide on where exactly they want to go! x

welcometodeutschland said...

you are so lucky to be so close to paris! it must be beautiful


Tashrin said...

This is the cutest photograph I have ever seen. Wish I could see more photos from where you are now, though!


Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

Laurita P said...

what a sweet photo, thanks for sharing


Winnie said...

Lovely photo and hope you're having a lovely time in Paris!

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

i love the sound of "i'm staying in a cottage close to paris." its so quaint and wonderful sounding! the image is adorable!

Diana said...

omg! what a dream come true!! i hope you'll post some pictures of your cottage it sounds so dreamy :) such an adorable picture too :)


vicen said...

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Hope you like.

fatija said...

what a cute picture! love it.

Kara said...

Adorable photo. Sounds magical to be staying at a cottage in France (and near Paris ooh lala! :)

xx Kara

Meera said...

This photo is gorgeous! I love it.
You are so lucky to be in France!


Lina said...

i love love love love love photos like this. this photograph in particular is so sweet and so raw! thankn you so much for sharing.

Fashion Me Chic said...

Good for you girl. I love France. It is such a beautiful country.