Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Revisiting my Youth in a Duffel Coat

Outfit: Duffel Coat - Charity Shop (originally Marks & Spencer); Dress - Vintage
Duffel coats are an item that I either associate with the military or children's outerwear.  Over the ages of 3-7, I had several, ranging from a camel coloured one to all over green and blue tartan.   This red one I purchased in a local charity shop and I've found it to be a more vibrant alternative to my standard black, woolen coat.  Plus I love the detailing of the plush, large hood, pleating on the back and ample size pockets.

Apologies for my lack of recent posts readers.  A combination of uni work, deadlines and a ski trip has meant that my blog hasn't been a priority and has lacked in updates over the past month.  Now I'm back at home, here's hoping my posting will be more regular!

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