Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chic star of the week - Alexa Chung

Images from: LFI, Splash, Wireimage, Rex

Alexa is a British original. Able to achieve an effortless and unique style without appearing like she awoke 5 hours earlier simply to plan it, her simple style that we all strive so hard to attain now has multiple followers amongst the nation's teens and twenty-somethings. Pandered by fashionistas from London to New York, she is often denoted the label 'geek chic', however she is willing to resist this tab stating that "Yeah, I was a bit p****ed off about that actually. I don't intend to be geeky. I think it's because I wear glasses sometimes 'cos I've run out of contact lenses, we've all been there."

Generally sticking to the basics -skinnies, ballet pumps, lots of denim, blazers and blouses, we could all acquire some form of inspiration from her; namely how to pair various items together in an appealing way. Unlike so many of her fellow celebrities, we could actually wear her looks on a day to day basis as they are practical whilst still being capable of capturing double glances as we sashay down the street.

This girl is able to increase a brand's sales to such a high capacity that one has even created a bag inspired by her. Mulberry have created the 'Alexa' after she became such a huge promoter for the brand simply by carrying their classic Bayswater. This season, it appears her endorsement item of choice is the new Chanel clog. After making these obstensibly unpractical shoes a must-have, shoppers appear to be desperately searching for a similar pair after she made them look 'oh-so-cool'.

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