Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Adrogynous Dressing Lanvin Style

Outfit: Tux jacket - Lanvin for H&M (male section); Shirt and Sunglasses - Primark (male section); Shoe boots - Market (seen here); Tights - New Look (seen here); Skirt - H&M, Bag - Vintage

Whilst browsing through the Lanvin for H&M collection, the thing that caught my eye (besides the exquisite one-shouldered cocktail dresses) were the male tux jackets. The tailoring of the jackets was of an exceptionally high quality for the high street and the silk details were beautiful. Whilst regrettably, this jacket is not mine (my Dad bought it to sell on ebay), I couldn't resist pulling it out for a blog shoot. The black lapels against the navy backdrop would not have been something I would have instantly thought of as being a great combination, however in actual fact the duo look incredibly classy. This has to be one of the most fantstic jackets I've ever worn.

Along with the tux, I went for an adrogynous look with a simple white shirt, black ribbon tie and rounded glasses - a pair spy-like in their nature and very similar to those Mary-Kate Olsen favours.


Laura said...

love the look- has a very studious feel to it.


Becky-May said...

love this look, for the style brave




Anonymous said...

i LOVE this look! so adorable! x Andi


Lady Lipstick said...

OMG that Lanvin tux jacket !!!! AGGGGG so hot girl!!!!
I have missed this blog! Sorry for the delay in heading over here! I am back for regular reading schedule!!
HAve a fab week you stylish THING!!


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Styles 'n Cream said...

Love the neck tie - very cool look!

Brittany said...

I love everything about this outfit especially the bow! Very inspiring, love your outfits :)


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Your rocking that look you look amazing.

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

you look so cute, preppy but cool if that makes sense?? love the bow
Scrapbook de la Emma

the midnight bloom said...

hello miss taurus,

im ur new follower.

hehe. love the above look.


kirstyb said...

im in love with this look x

Catherine said...

I've been looking for a great tux jacket... this one is a great proportion on you!
- Catherine at The Spring

Oslo by fashion said...

How cool you buyed something from the men section from lanvin!

Closet Fashionista said...

That bow totally makes the outfit!! Looove this :D Lanvin rocks, haha
(following back)

Marella said...

You look amazing!

Emma said...

How pretty! I think you need to convince your dad that you would look better in it than anyone else and that you should keep it. Maybe a Christmas present? :)

TONJE said...

wow this is just pretty. I`m really hung up on the preppy style we`ve seen everywhere lately. your way is good as gold.

feel free to stop by sometime!

xx T

Kara said...

This is a great look, I love the bow tie with the oxford shirt. And it's not too manly when paired with a skirt. Very cute!

xx Kara

Thanks for following! I'm following you on google.

cupcake said...

elegant as always!

Paola said...

answer: I'm really happy that you follow me;)!!!great outfit!!!


matchboxmuse said...

adorable outfit!! i love the lanvin blazer and the ribbon tie looks perfect with it :)

you have a lovely blog! would you like to follow each other?

love, M

Flashes of Style said...

Oh I loove everything about it! <3

Lourdes said...

That is such a totally great look! I am love with that jacket too! Too bad you can't keep it:( Love your glasses too!

Trixie & Fifi said...

This outfit is hands down GREAT. I love the make-shift tie/black ribbon. Very chic - might buy some myself and make one too ;)

jemina said...

You look stunning and I LOVE your style, your sunnies are unique too



styleforlife said...

Love your look. I am putting your blog on my daily reads. Love it and your style!
xxx Emily from EL Vintage

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I hope you enter! xxxx

Sonia said...

ooh I love Lanvin x H&M, and your outfit is just gorgeous, especially the sunglasses, haha i want some!

Following you too now x

The Dandizette said...

Oh I love this! Thhe bow around the neck is so cute.

Great outfit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.
This is a wonderful outfit, you should keep the blazer, it looks amazing on you. I love the ribbon bow tie it adds the perfect detail to the white shirt.

Mila said...

You have great style.Following you,for sure!

Marta on cocogroove said...

Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment :D Love the mix of masculine and feminine in this look! I'm following you too :) See you around!

Nancie said...

i love this, you just inspired me...now following you on bloglovin' xoxo www.fashionablenotebook.blogspot.com

Sienna said...

thanks for following me, I'm following back:) Great blog!
xoxo Sienna


AlvianaKalin said...

heyy I love this preppy look. :) thx for following my blog! love ur blog too :))


Catita said...

woow I love love this look!

Claudia Paola. said...

This jacket is chic! Too bad you weren't able to keep it :( But it was a good idea to take an outfit picture with it while you still could. Sadly, I wasn't able to get my hands on any Lanvin products.. ah well, it wasn't meant to be. I like how you styled the androgynous look bc the skirt adds a twist of femininity. Love your MK glasses- you definitely pull them off :P

*Claudia* xoxo
Molto ❤ Fashion

Jackie said...

This outfit is amazing! I love how you toughened it up with the tux jacket - hot! And thank you for following my blog!! I'm very new to all of this too!



Mary Lee said...

ahhh i absolutely love your style, that outfit is perfect! love your blog, now following :)


menina elegante said...

daring to go for clothes from the mens section!! I absolutely love the look though. The femininity of the skirt agains the blazer is just amazing!!

Grace said...

I love the little ribbon around your neck.


Mimi said...

This is a great look for you! Love,love,love!
I'm following you!

J'aime Renee said...

I love the bow tie! It adds just the right amount of femininity to your bold, chic look!


Fashion Nicotine said...

You look cool!

Ashley said...

Very interesting look...not something I would do personally, but that's what makes it exciting to me! I like the glasses a lot...I've been looking for round pairs lately and have been coming up empty.

Thanks for your comment, darling! Glad you discovered (and like!) my blog...I'm following you back!

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style-haus said...

very clever! love the men's tux and the adorable bow...you wear it beautifully.


Claudia Mimi said...

great blog!!! love your style.. stop by and say hi at fashion lullaby

Claudia Mimi xxx

Marina said...

Those glasses are bloody brilliant

Marina said...

i love your outfit!!!!very cool!!

xx Marina

Jaffargaga said...

I love the outfit think it's soo diferent and well coordinated, love it! Love your blog too. Check out mine
jaffargaga.blogspot.com. Please follow me.xoxo

Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

Great look! I too love tuxes -- wasn't YSL a master?!
Thanks for following -- I'm following you too :)

michelle_ said...

you remind me very much of blair waldorf and her chic preppy uniform !

have a great weekend !
glisters and blisters

fashion junkie said...

OMG! You look A-mazing!!! Love it all... love the whole outfit! What a coincidence, I just posted something about Lanvin too. :)


Nnenna said...

love this look- so well put together!

thanks so much following (I'm now following back!) and thanks for your sweet comment!